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Students Use Art to Promote Safety for Nation’s Truck Drivers

Date: 08.05.2015 / to news list

   Thousands of Americans die or are seriously injured in motor vehicle crashes every year because they fail to wear safety belts. And surprisingly, professional drivers who handle commercial motor vehicles for their livelihood are far less likely than other drivers to buckle up.


   That’s why elementary school kids from around the country spent the winter creating art that urges truck and bus drivers to, “Be Ready. Be Buckled.”


   Their colorful messages were part of the annual calendar art contest run by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Belt Partnership. This year, second grader Julia Ou from Livingston, N.J., won the top prize in the Kindergarten through Grade 2 group for her work, which is shown here. And 4th grader Heather Li from Orlando, Fla., won top honors in the Grade 3 through Grade 6 group for her artwork.


   Since 2007, overall safety belt use for commercial vehicle drivers has steadily increased from 65 percent to a current high of 84 percent. But that number is still too low, and there are still too many deaths and injuries on our roadways that can be prevented with just one click.


   As FMCSA Chief Counsel Scott Darling, said, “It is especially important for large truck and bus drivers to buckle up in order to stay in control of their vehicles, and be ready for unforeseen circumstances. So we continue to put out friendly reminders to all drivers that something as simple as fastening your safety belt can be the determining factor that saves your life.”


   And he’s right about that. On commercial vehicles built with increasingly advanced and complex technology, one simple device can mean the difference between life and death. Take it from Julia and Heather and the many other kids who took the time and care to send this safety message: Be ready. Be buckled. Every trip. Every time.





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