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Pump Price for Diesel Fuel Climbs Another 3.5 Cents Per Gallon

Date: 25.02.2015 / to news list

   For a third week in a row, the price truckers pay for a gallon of petrol increased in all but one region of the nation last week, with nationwide prices averaging $2.90 per gallon. Last year at this time, diesel cost nearly $1.12 more per gallon.

   That’s an increase of 3.5 cents per gallon over the previous week, with increases seen in every region except the Rocky Mountain states, where the price dropped less than a cent, according to figures released Monday by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

   The biggest price hikes were experienced in the New England states, where the per-gallon cost went up almost nine cents per gallon. Truckstops in Central Atlantic states saw prices increase almost eight cents and those in California were nearly seven cents more for the week.

Shown below are diesel prices by region for the week ending Monday, Feb. 23:

  • East Coast: $2.960 last week, $3.005 this week
  • New England: $3.084 last week, $3.173 this week
  • Central Atlantic: $3.084 last week, $3.160 this week
  • Lower Atlantic: $2.841 last week, $2.853 this week
  • Midwest: $2.792 last week, $2.826 this week
  • Gulf Coast: $2.783 last week, $2.795 this week
  • Rocky Mountains: $2.770 last week, $2.762 this week
  • California: $3.142 last week, $3.208 this week.



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