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TIR guarantee restriction in Russia should only apply to Siberian and Far Eastern regions

Date: 13.09.2014 / to news list

IRU has just been informed that all Russian regional Customs offices have been instructed by the Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, Mr Belyaninov, that the additional guarantee measures foreseen by the FCS RF shall only apply in the Customs offices “subordinate to the Siberian and Far Eastern regional Customs Departments”.

The IRU therefore counts on TIR procedures continuing without interruption in full respect of the TIR Convention in all other Russian customs offices. Nevertheless, practical problems cannot be excluded as from tomorrow at any Russian border.

Transport operators driving to, from and across Russia are therefore still encouraged to read and, if necessary, use the IRU recommendations published yesterday, in case TIR Carnets are illegally refused by some Russian Customs officers.

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