TTN Inc.


TTN Inc., Russia

  • Fleet of trucks with an ecological characteristics of EURO-II (with tents), commercial loading from 1 ton up to 20 tons and useful volume from 82м3 up to 120 м3.
  • Transit by rail freightage.
  • Tracing of cargo in transit.
  • Insurance of all transported cargoes.
  • Transportation of special cargoes.
  • Spectrum of forwarding services.

Long-distance and international truck haulage

The "TTN Inc., Russia" company - is the steady operating enterprise. It's foundation is the achievement of several organizations, social structures and natural persons. The idea of delivering cargoes without any participation of the Client, careful relation to his time, developing of an optimum route, high volume of forwarding service - are the logical hub, foundation of our activity.

  • Ориентация на клиента
  • Ориентация на бизнес-процесс
  • Ориентация на предотвращение ошибок и сбоев
  • Ориентация на постоянное совершенствование
  • Доминирование на рынке внутренних международных автоперевозок
  • Достижение статуса компании мирового класса
  • Развитие и поддержание уровня обслуживания при одновременном снижении затрат на обслуживание


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